The Skinny on Dog Training Collars

Training your dog can be a daunting task, especially if your pooch is stubborn or unfocused when learning commands. Because of this, there are a variety of tools on the market that can aid in conditioning your dog to behave. Despite that in the past dog training collars have greatly debated, they truly are an effective obedience tool in certain instances. Continue reading

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The Carlson Mini Gate: Good Things Come in Small Packages

If you need a containment system for small dogs, Carlson has just what you need! At only 18″ high, the Mini Gate is a perfect inconspicuous solution for smaller pets. You’ll never have to worry about fumbling around with opening or closing this gate, simply step over and be on your merry way. Continue reading

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The Cardinal Auto Lock Pressure Gate is Top Notch

Security and versatility are essential in regard to dog gates and as usual, Cardinal steps up to the plate. If you’re looking for a containment device for your dog that won’t disappoint, the Auto Lock Pressure Gate is the perfect choice. This gate isn’t just a temporary device but rather an enduring investment that is made to last. Continue reading

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Dog Gates, Doggie Doors, and Fencing Go Hand in Hand

Creating the perfect area for your dog can be difficult, especially if they are left alone quite often. No matter how great your dog is trained, they can only hold their bladder for so long; therefore, in some instances outside access is essential.

If your dog will be confined inside for long periods, you may want to consider choosing an area where you can create outdoor access. Spaces with exterior doors are often the easiest when it comes to this; however, outdoor fencing in these instances can be a bit more expensive. If you intend on installing a fence around your whole yard, door mounted doggie flaps that allow outside access from a gated area inside your home may be perfect. However, if you’re only looking to fence off a smaller space, you may want to choose another option. Continue reading

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Beyond Dogs: Great Uses for Gating Devices

Despite that dog gates are a necessity for training young dogs, they also have other great uses that don’t always come to mind. The following is a list of possible purposes for gating devices, both old and new. Continue reading

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The Home Decor Swing Gate Blends Perfectly with Other Fine Wood Accents

Made to impress, the Home Decor Swing Gate by Evenflo is much different from other gating products made by this manufacture. The high-quality, all wood and metal components of this dog gate are definitely a step above the plastic or mesh used in other designs. Those who buy this gate are adding to their fine home furnishings, rather than detracting from them. Continue reading

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The Mission Aztec Freestanding Gate is a Must Have

Many people cringe at the thought of putting a dog gate in their homes because such products are often unattractive and add nothing to the interior setting. However, Richell has come up with a design that is definitely an exception! The Mission Aztec Freestanding Gate is not just a containment device but also a beautiful accent to your home decor. Continue reading

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How Gating can Help Housebreak Your Puppy

Housebreaking a puppy can be a difficult task but there are a few tricks that can make the process a little easier. Although gating off a specific area of your home for dog containment is typically thought of as a way to protect your belongings, gated areas can also help promote house training.

Just like all other animals, dogs quickly grow to go potty outside the space they consider home. However, because dogs feel safer in smaller areas, they tend not to think of their home area in the same way that we do. In comparison to a dog’s size, our houses are very large, and although we find all its space fitting for us, a dog feels safer and gets more attached to smaller areas within it.

Because of this, the best way to house train a puppy is to use a quality dog gate to block off a fairly small space that they can call their own. Once you have an area, you’ll have to give the dog time to lay claim to the space. Give them a cozy bed, a few chew toys, and let them hang out in their new spot periodically throughout the day; but, don’t forget to return every 30-60 minutes to take them outside. Continue reading

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Cardinal Gates – Can Handle Whatever You Throw At Them

Made of light weight, durable aluminum, Cardinal Gates are able to withstand whatever your household may throw at them! Dedicated to quality gating system production since 1993, this company strongly believes their gates represent the very best in terms of safety, durability, looks, and ease of installation; and consumers as well as experts seem to agree. As a winner of several most innovative product awards as well as numerous other child safety accolades, Cardinal Gates are agreeably one of the finest makers of dog gates out there today.

Most of the attractive designs manufactured by Cardinal are constructed entirely of metal, so there are no need to worry about plastic parts that could snap under pressure from more rambunctious animals. These products are thoroughly inspected by hand to be sure that they meet the company’s top standards as well as the standards of the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association and the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Continue reading

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The Richell Pet Playpen: A Great Accessory for Small Dogs and Puppies

Sometimes keeping smaller pets contained is most easily achieved by using an enclosed pen, rather than a larger gated area. Because of their den instinct, dogs feel safer in small confined spaces. Therefore, when it comes to creating a comforting spot for smaller breeds and newborns, the space that you choose has to be much smaller too. Continue reading

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